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A variety of user created mappings for Automap control of plug-in instruments and FX:

Traktor Pro/ Nocturn
Marcos Alonso

This zip file contains a 2 page automap mapping for Traktor Pro and the Traktor midi map to import into Traktor.
I have setup LED feedback for the play button so the bli in time with the beat and a basic macro so when you select monitor for a track it also sets this as the active track.
Page one is Decks A + B
button = play, cue, monitor, sync
Dials = hi,mid,lo EQ and Gain
Page 2 is seperated into 2 sections
Left buttons is for active channel
shorten,lengthen loop activate loop and turn off loop
Right buttons is turn on and off FX 1 & 2 for channels a + b
Left dials
filter A + B, active channel volume
right dials
FX 1 Dry/web and FX amount for each FX
Its a work in progress but has been tested in a club and worked well once I got used to it.

Upload Date: June 18 2013
Joerg Schroeder

Page1 - Filter, Env, LFO
Page2 - FX
Page3 - OSC

Upload Date: June 18 2013
WAVES V-Series

3 zipped files for Waves V-Series. These Automaps were created with Remote Zero SL in VST mode. Have fun with em. Greetz

Upload Date: June 18 2013
Logic iPhone automap HUI
Bryan Day

This is a simple map for controlling channel strips in Logic 7/8/9 using Automap PRO for iPhone/iPod touch. Uses Automap HUI (need to add a Mackie Hui in Logic>Preferences>Control Surfaces>Setup...).

It includes basic transport controls plus a few extra features on pages 2+3. Incorporates some key commands, so probably requires Automap Pro 3.2 or higher.

In order to use the Next/Prev buttons to navigate through the channels, you'll need to set 'Channel Strip View Mode' to 'Single' in Logic>Preferences>Control Surfaces>Setup...

Controls include:
Next (down)
Prev (up)
Transport (RW-Stop-Play-FF)

Save (cmd+S)
Click on/off

Upload Date: June 18 2013