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Novation USB Driver 2.22

Novation driver for Windows 7 and higher.

Fixes an issue that could cause a crash when multiple Novation devices were connected to the same system and then disconnected.


Components is your Novation product hub. You can access new sound packs, manage your sound content, customise your device and stay up-to-date with the latest firmware.

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SL MkIII Logic Installer

SL MkIII Reason Installer


SL MkIII Reason Installer - Windows

SL MkIII Reason Installer - Mac

User Guides

SL MkIII Getting Started Guide

SL MkIII Getting Started Guide English - EN

SL MkIII スタートガイド 日本語 - JP

SL MkIII 시작 가이드 한국어 - KR

SL MkIII 入门指南 中文(简体) - CN

SL MkIII Erste Schritte Anleitung Deutsche - DE

SL MkIII Guía de introducción Español - ES

SL MkIII Guide de Démarrage Franćais - FR

SL MkIII Guida introduttiva Italiano - IT

SL MkIII User Guide

SL MkIII User Guide English - EN

SL MkIII Benutzerhandbuch Deutsche - DE

SL MkIII Guía del usuario Español - ES

SL MkIII Mode d'emploi Français - FR

SL MkIII ユーザーガイド 日本語 - JP

SL MkIII 사용자 설명서 한국어 - KR

SL MkIII 用户指南 中文(简体) - CN

Technical Docs

SL MKIII - Programmer's Reference Guide

SL MkIII Safety Information